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This was the most “controversial” decision I made during this process. Advice on AP vs IB and outcome in university, Interested in preparing for med school, but no science pre-requisites and need to continue to work, Is Waterloo a good health sciences school. Seriously. [09:58] Going to Nursing School. Set up volunteer work and managed to snag a small research gig. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, 1,034 applicants with undergraduate degrees in nursing applied to medical school between 2010 and 2014, and 319 nurses have matriculated. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nurses have already earned a diploma, associate degree or bachelor's degree. Gaining admission to medical school is competitive. Obviously people have very non-traditional paths and time-off can be a great option, but I knew what I wanted and I wanted to get my ass in med school ASAP. Summer 2017: Took gen chem 1&2 back-to-back in summer sessions! I’m a dude and they won’t tell you this outright but being a guy in nursing also opens a ton of doors career-wise just because men are so rare. Harvard University offers the world’s best medicine program for the fifth consecutive year, achieving a perfect score for employer reputation. I loved being in the hospital and working with patients. American University of The Caribbean School … In reality, medical school admissions rates in Canada are quite low compared to those of the United States—averaging around 10-20 percent vs. 46 percent. I am working in case management/discharge planning at a local hospital, a job I had throughout college so have been there for almost 4 years. LOCK. These schools all grant the MD, or Doctor of Medicine, degree over the course of a 3- or 4-year curriculum. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I never spoke poorly about nursing/nursing school and made sure to emphasize how my nursing background gives me a set of skills/understanding of healthcare that other majors don’t. During that conversation with her husband, she was told how difficult it was to get into medical school in Canada. If some process should be learned like A --> B -->C --> D --> E --> F --> G, as a nursing student I felt like I learned it A --> D --> G. And that really bothered me. The reason I did this was because it allowed me to stay on as an undergraduate and sign up for classes unrelated to my ‘major’ without having to reapply/re-enroll to my undergrad. For me, the idea that I was turning my back on nursing was far from the truth; instead, I went to medical school, motivated by my experiences as a nurse, to pursue a career in intensive care. August 2018-July 2019: Gap year stuff! I am going to try and answer common questions as I go, but this might end up being a big brain dump so bear with me. But once I had an actual goal I was working towards (getting accepted into the nursing program) I learned I loved school-work and was really good at it. Started planning out my classes/application process. I rehearsed it over and over (not to the point of being robotic though) so I knew exactly what I was going to say. Nursing Scissors. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: and join one of thousands of communities. (self.premedcanada), US research/academia after md/phd (self.premedcanada), ❔DiscussionAdvice on AP vs IB and outcome in university (self.premedcanada), submitted 9 hours ago by Enchantedprincess282, ❔DiscussionLet’s be Honest.. (self.premedcanada), AdmissionsP/F courses (self.premedcanada), ❔DiscussionInterested in preparing for med school, but no science pre-requisites and need to continue to work (self.premedcanada), AdmissionsIs Waterloo a good health sciences school (self.premedcanada), ❔DiscussionAnyone Else? So here it is! So she had to figure it out herself. (self.premedcanada). Highly recommend! I just am someone that wants to learn as much as I can about something. When one considers the debt of tuition and the lost potential income during medical school, studies suggest MDs are over $400,00 in … About a year and a half into nursing, Sarah met with an academic advisor at a four-year institution and he laid the timeline for applying to medical school. As medical school tuition continues to climb, the debt at the end of the four years will on average be much higher than it is today. [24:06] Nursing While Taking Medical School Prereqs. Do not give them any opportunity to make the argument you aren’t prepared for the intense science of medical school! In fact now I am going into medical school thinking about going into OBGYN as a specialty. She didn’t even know what the MCAT was at … Highschool students, please check out the stickied thread. Living in Montreal, she walked straight to McGill University’s office and asked about the process. My decision to pursue nursing before becoming a doctor was logical: my mother had been a nurse, I would enter right out of high school, I would get hands-on skills that most physicians don’t see until well into their third year of medical school, and heck, a nice paycheck doesn’t hurt either. Plus, you need to do well on the MCAT. To see an accurate list of schools which that accept International students, as well as an ad… Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Unfortunately, cramming isn’t going to help you much in medical school. © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. In nursing school a lot of your time is spent in the hospital rotating through different areas of nursing to see what you like. I made sure to basically reiterate my PS, since I was told it shows consistency which they like. The reason I did not take the NCLEX was for a few reasons. If you completed a diploma or associate degree program, you may need to return to school to earn your bachelor's degree. Set up volunteer work and managed to snag a small research gig. I really enjoyed nursing school overall. All Canadian med school decisions regarding winter 2020 grades. Hey all! Even if you’re not a 100% gung-ho SJW, if your app matches those types of schools….then you need to really lean into it and just run it with. However pretty quickly I found myself kind of disappointed with the level of depth at which we were learning things. Here are four reasons to choose nursing over medical school: 1. So, I officially decided I wanted to go to med school Fall of my senior year. From vintage watches to rare limited editions, every timepiece has a story. It’s no exaggeration to say that medical school takes far more time and effort than nursing school. (self.premedcanada), GPA calculations, how does it work? One thing that I think is important to note is I think applying as a non-hard science major means you really need to come correct with those science grades. This path is not easy. I LOVED the courses. Medical schools typically require three years of undergraduate education, but many applicants choose to earn a 4-year undergraduate degree. The total medical school debt is anywhere from $122,545 to $224,566 depending on the institution. Many other schools classify Canadians as international students. Good luck yall. I decided I wanted to be a nurse for three main reasons: 1) Thought the human body was dope af and wanted to learn how it worked 2) Wanted to work w/ people and on-my-feet in a fast-paced environment 3) 4 years and done, great pay/hours/room for growth. Some students compare the flow of information coming at them to drinking out of a fire hose. So my first 3 semesters were spent taking pretty normal pre-med classes with the general population of the school. My OG plan was to graduate as planned, work as a nurse for a year or two, then go back and do a post-bacc to take all the prereqs/MCAT. Getting into medical school in North America is difficult, especially Canada. 14 Medical School Application Mistakes to Avoid Applying at the wrong time or failing to prepare for an interview can lead to medical school … List of medical schools that require CASPer in the US Allopathic medical schools. Spring 2017: Last semester of nursing school, started taking some prereqs (bio lab, 2 math classes I needed for physics). I tried to apply to schools that were more mission-focused (community service/social justice) just bc I only had 1 semester of social science research but a lot of community service-like experiences already. Nurses Can Start Working Sooner. 111 of the world’s best medical schools are found in the United States, with five of these making it into the worldwide top ten. Please feel free to ask any questions! Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the global medical … Started planning out my classes/application process. Im proud to say my nursing years were some of the most formative moments of my life. Getting into medical schools in other places is typically less difficult and there are more spots. Canada has 17 medical schools, spread throughout the country. So I went straight into a 4-year college out of HS. nurses who have always dreamed of becoming a medical doctor Albany Medical College. Members. Sarah … My university’s nursing program required you take some prerequisite classes (into bio, stats, A&P, micro) then apply into the nursing program. I knew the research powerhouse schools were not gonna be interested lol. I had been a pretty average-below average student in HS, so I really did not know what my academic capabilities were. A preparatory science and math program designed to satisfy entry requirements into other medical programs, including nursing. Today, we focus on European medical schools, including those … High School Student Thread v2: Undergraduate programs, what to expect, how to prepare etc. ... A place to discuss the topics of concern to the nurses of reddit. This blog will list, by province, all of the medical schools in Canada, as well as their locations, course requirements, and admission statistics. However as I started mapping it out I realized that would mean it would be 4 years minimum before I would be starting med school. The OB/GYN physician was incredible and as corny as it sounds I was just so inspired by her. In fact, it can take upward of 15 years (sometimes more) to become a practicing physician. Its emphasis on active learning and student engagement, along with its Francophone community, differentiates it from other schools, and makes it a … Find yours at eBay. I am just so relieved and excited to finally be accepted I want to share all this info I wish I had 2 years ago! I would talk with your professors as they seem to have an unrealistic view of the current state of nursing. 3) Even if I did get a nursing job, almost all new-grad jobs require a 2-year commitment which I wasn’t willing to do. Spring 2018: Ochem 2, physics, 2, and biochemistry. Fall 2016: Made the decision, continued on with nursing school duties as usual. So why not take the leap towards a medical degree outside of your native land? (self.premedcanada), submitted 22 hours ago by Alarmed_Occasion4944, ❔DiscussionGen Chem (self.premedcanada), 🔮 What Are My Chances?Do I stand a chance? I got to witness an emergency C-section. Some programs, such as undergraduate nursing, only have December– March test dates while most MD vs. DO programs have dates ranging from July – May of the following year. (self.premedcanada), ❔DiscussionCR/NCR Question (self.premedcanada), AdmissionsHow can I start from scratch? (self.premedcanada), Any other Western applicants not get their verifiers contacted? So take what I say with a big ol’ grain of salt. And feel free to PM/comment if you have any specific questions. Nursing is such a baller career. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. This makes nursing scissors one of the simplest and most inexpensive yet critical nursing supplies for a nursing school student. There’s a myth that Canadian medical schools have lower standards of admission than other schools because the country has a shortage of doctors. RPNs are quickly being phased out in Canada, with a massive shift to only-RN agencies - see MAGNET accreditation. Got my LOR’s and wrote my entire primary app throughout the semester! 183k. As these concerns festered, I also had an experience during my Women’s Health rotation. I was so excited to continue learning anatomy/physiology and start learning patho, pharm, etc. > Admissions Highschool

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