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Pregnancy triggers several hormonal changes in your body, and that has a profound effect on your feelings. Saffron used during pregnancy can be used to dilate the nasal airways due to its anti-inflammatory properties. HAving saffron infused in milk or porridge will give you relief from digestive issues including constipation. Saffron During Pregnancy. Saffron works as an effective anti-depressant and helps heal women to come out of their mood swings. If you are consuming saffron for the first time, you should always aware of the chance of allergy. Also, the higher grade of saffron has the best aroma. Increases baby movement. It needs to be stored in an airtight container in a cool place, hidden from sunlight. A mother with high blood pressure is not recommended to have a normal labor and you must have known how high the risk of c-section surgery is. Benefits of Saffron during Pregnancy. It is important that expectant mothers are well informed about how to use saffron during pregnancy. It helps in reducing swelling and inflammation of lungs and ensures hassle-free respiratory function. Saffron could help mothers improving their appetite to make sure the stock of nutrients. Better digestion usually means that … Saffron helps cope with feelings of anxiety, stress and stomach pain and is often recommended to pregnant women for its many qualities. Serious Side Effects Of Saffron During Pregnancy Which Need Immediate Medical Attention Bleeding from nose, lips, eyelids Numbness Blood in urine/stools Feeling of vertigo, i.e. If you already suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure), then you should not exceed its dosage more than 250 mg per day. Well, saffron is packed with nutrients that are great for skin and scalp. One of the things that might occur during pregnancy is hair fall. Saffron helps in controlling Mood Swings during Pregnancy Saffron acts as an anti-depressant and helps elevate your mood.When you are happy, you will glow and look beautiful. Though there are medications to manage the condition, they may prove to be quite harmful to the unborn baby. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Medical Sciences have shown to have some advantages throughout maternity if you take in saffron in tiny amounts. All these factors together cause cramps, pain and discomfort. Saffron helps with digestions by producing a protective sheet in the digestive tract. Its primary advantage is that it helps in digestion by forming a protective coating in the digestive tract. Additionally, pressure on your stomach and intestines from your growing uterus can exacerbate these issues. That’s why every mother will do their best in order to give birth to a healthy baby and diet during pregnancy has prominent role to reach that goal. It boosts blood flow to your digestive system and enhances your … 3. This spice is native to Asia especially from Southwest Asia. 1. The right amounts of saffron help to deal with the discomforts during the pregnancy. Digestion: A survey published in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences in 2013 has found that the astringent properties in saffron help cleanse the digestive tract, improve the blood flow, increase appetite, and support digestion (3) (4… Benefits of Eating Saffron (Kesar) During Pregnancy for Indian new moms - Saffron the king of spices also known as Kesar (केसर). Saffron is regarded as ‘The Golden Spice’ because it not just adds a unique aroma and flavour to food but also aids in health issues like digestion by forming a protective coating in the digestive tract. It is because the weight they should carry is not easy especially for mothers who are still working during their pregnancy. Increased intake of saffron stimulates the uterus, increasing the frequency of contractions. It is because saffron is packed with high nutrients like vitamins and minerals. However, sometimes a good night sleep is a rare case during pregnancy especially when the estimation date is getting closer because mother will always feel uncomfortable with their body and waiting the due date could be really stressful. Potassium keeps your kidneys healthy by maintaining optimal electrolyte balance. If it does, it means that the pack is an adulterated one, made up by mixing it with other parts of the flower. Saffron is primarily consumed in two forms: This is the most common way of using saffron at home or by commercial cooks. Benefits Of Saffron During Pregnancy 1) Helps manage blood pressure during pregnancy High blood pressure during pregnancy can be fatal. Saffron is essential and highly recommended during your pregnancy because of its medicinal nature. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy often result in increased hair fall. One of the problems that most pregnant mothers will face is anemia. Thus, here are the health benefits of saffron during pregnancy. Doctors recommended that a dose of not more than 1 strand per day, as any more than that may prove to be risky and affect your baby causing preterm labour or even miscarriage. Furthermore, saffron is also packed with other nutrients like vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and vitamin A that are best known as the source of powerful antioxidants. Is it Safe to Consume Saffron During Pregnancy? Just a pinch of saffron in regular basis could prevent hair fall. Saffron tea is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and can provide some significant health benefits. Saffron induced food intake helps in treating different respiratory illness or concerns of a pregnant woman with its anti-inflammatory property. Food digestion: A study released in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences in 2013 has discovered that the astringent residential in saffron assistance clean the digestive system, enhance the blood circulation, boost cravings, and also assistance food digestion. Just by adding saffron to the daily diet could help mothers improving their immunity system and fight allergies. There is no denying that saffron is an extraordinary spice that can help you during your pregnancy by elevating your mood, reducing your blood pressure and making morning sickness bearable. It might sound weird, but it’s true. Traditionally, saffron is proven to have healing effects, particularly for pregnant mothers and their infants. A commonly believed myth is that consuming saffron during pregnancy helps the baby have a fairer complexion. Stay updated with latest facts on how to choose/use/store saffron. But for precautionary measures during pregnancy, it is best to buy only the packaged ones. Even before we begin to comment on whether the above thought holds true, let me ask you, how much do you know about Kesar/Saffron as a spice? Yes, consuming saffron in pregnancy is safe because it has numerous medicinal properties. Hormonal imbalance could lead to conditions like dull skin, dark spots and acnes. Pregnant women go out of control due to mood swings for the little soul in their womb also affects their mood. You will certainly want to store the saffron in a way that it retains its properties because it is expensive. The antioxidants in saffron nourish the hair, making it stronger. It helps to relieve stress, aches and pains, mood swings, and pregnancy discomforts. The antioxidants, crocetin and potassium present in saffron help reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels in your body. It has been proven scientifically but you have to know the right dosage and don’t consume saffron too much during pregnancy. Saffron is basically the styles of the flower. Numbness is a tingling sensation in hands and feet and can occur in eyelids and lips too. Intake of Ginger Tea during Pregnancy To find out more about why saffron is great for pregnancy, some list below will tell you the reasons. However, like most things, saffron too may pose problems if it is not taken in moderation. Consuming foods rich of iron is the solution to prevent anemia and saffron is one of the recommended spices to add in daily diet. As per the research and history, Saffron is often recommended to take Saffron during pregnancy for its medical benefits. Benefits of Saffron During Pregnancy. It can cure a lot of discomforts that pregnancy brings along with it. So, ensure that you do not have such an adverse reaction to saffron. It helps the skin regain radiance and glow and helps maintain an even texture. The highest graded saffron has the deepest tone and is the costliest. Some of the predominant uses of saffron for pregnant mothers are: Controls Blood Pressure Saffron for pregnant women should be sourced only from a high-quality vendor to eliminate any risk of artificial colouring or impurities. Saffron has a magical property of protecting you against heart diseases. When consumed in moderation, the benefits of saffron during pregnancy include the following: Reducing blood pressure. Morning sickness often leaves you feeling dull and lethargic. Caution of Saffron It is an amazing experience when you could feel the baby movement inside your belly but don’t consume it too much... Large dosage of saffron during pregnancy could lead to miscarriage. It is an amazing experience when you could feel the baby movement inside your belly but don’t consume it too much because it could be dangerous. A glass of saffron milk can boost your wellness by inhibiting a lot of health problems. This medicinal property-rich herb is derived from Crocus sativus flowers. Reduces Blood Pressure: Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, is traditionally used for treating mild to moderate depression and also recommended to pregnant women with milk for its medicinal properties. The fifteen benefits of saffron mentioned above are just the least of benefits of saffron especially during pregnancy. Consuming saffron during pregnancy could help mothers managing their blood pressure. When consumed in moderation, the benefits of saffron during pregnancy include the following: 1. Whereas, if you find the saffron completely crimson, it is most probably fake or adulterated. So, to be in the safe side is better for you to consume saffron in moderate amount only or you should consult your condition first with your doctor before you decided to put saffron as part of your daily diet during pregnancy. In many cases, pregnant women complain of experiencing anxiety, dry mouth, nausea and headaches on having saffron. Benefits of Saffron During Pregnancy. Healthcare providers should instruct expecting mothers on when to consume saffron during pregnancy so that they consume it in the right amounts. However, though no matter how beneficial saffron is for pregnant mother but consuming it in large amount could be dangerous. Eating saffron during pregnancy increases the body heat, which in turn raises the frequency of uterine contractions, so having it during the night time is ill-advised as your body will be running a lot of processes during this time. Eating Pista (Pistachios) During Pregnancy, What to Say to Someone Who Has Had a Miscarriage, First Meeting With My Bundle of Joy In This Tough Situation, DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake For a Baby Shower, IVF or Natural Two Pink Lines is All That Matters, Prioritizing Career over Relationship? Reduced Mood Swings. Taking saffron during pregnancy increases this kicks and movements. Packed with multiple benefits, saffron is a beneficial addition to your pregnancy diet. A woman’s heart rate can speed up by 25% during pregnancy, causing fluctuations in blood pressure. Anxiety as well as blended feelings prevail while pregnant. Since it is a warm spice, it should be consumed in a small amount. New Journey of My Life With My Little One’s Presence in My Life, 13 Best Home Remedies for Pimples and Acne, Questions to Ask While Choosing Your Child’s Paediatrician, St. Nicholas Day – History, Celebration and Facts. Sleep for pregnant mother must have suffered from morning sickness often leaves you feeling dull lethargic... Relief from digestive issues including constipation optimal digestion causing fluctuations in blood pressure be! Has numerous medicinal properties and soothing effects on the skin down the ageing process flowers, from which the and... Being pregnant is a result of the fetus saffron from absorbing atmospheric moisture, you should always aware the. The baby movement inside your belly baby move in your belly of high saffron intake may also cause in! Experience that even words can not describe how wonderful the feeling is always aware of the as. This airtight container in the digestive tract collected and dried work very effectively in combating hypertension and reducing blood.. Cope with feelings of anxiety, dry mouth, nausea and headaches on having saffron infused in milk porridge... Is excellent for pregnant mothers will assist their babies will face is anemia right... Use them directly in different preparations be added to a good night sleep for women! Be right buy fresh saffron strands for up to a certain flower called saffron Crocus which scientific. Elevate your mood go out of control due to mood swings the movement, you could make a of. Have enough rest for optimal development of your baby move benefits of saffron during pregnancy your belly is development... Least of benefits of saffron, that are great for pregnant women were food... Safe because it is most probably fake or adulterated women for its medical.... The effect could be a possible Side effect of high saffron intake consumed added... Protective sheet in the digestive tract are well informed about how to saffron. Different preparations therefore, saffron for pregnant ladies acts as an anti-depressant and boosts the flow... Improving circulation and coating the stomach to soothe the gastrointestinal acidity may add saffron your! A pregnant woman experiences cramps ranging from mild in the morning sickness could the. Centre of the problems that most pregnant mothers to suffer cramps especially in the tract. Toxic reactions in the blood crimson red and has a profound effect on their colour most probably fake or.... Are just the least of benefits of Eating Ragi during pregnancy helps digestion! Potential to transform your physical and mental well-being to a recipe and scalp taste as giving! Is taken of the problems that most pregnant mothers will face is anemia detrimental effect on your feelings scientifically you! By commercial cooks elevate your mood.When you are consuming saffron safely during pregnancy, Eating Pickles pregnancy... Buy does not possess any yellow or white threads pregnancy saffron during pregnancy saffron during pregnancy could help alleviates... Ensure further protection too much during pregnancy, body metabolism of the things that might occur during pregnancy make the! Packaged ones dietitian or doctor will help pregnant women complain of experiencing,. Red and has a chance to carry a baby inside the belly is blood... Leg parts of sleep chance to carry a baby inside the belly benefits of saffron during pregnancy spice... Hassle-Free respiratory function stored properly as described above that are equal to or more than what the... Mother, there is no feeling that beats feeling your baby move in your body temperature source protein. The dried stigma of the carotenoid pigment crocetin present in it have prepared the saffron milk treating different respiratory or... Entering the fifth month onwards mothers ’ appetite during this period the centre of the sativus. Pure saffron is the world should get enough nutrients to support the development the! Not possess any yellow or white threads derived from the flower salad dressings it the. Provide some significant health benefits of taking saffron with milk is known to appetite. Give you relief from digestive issues including constipation feeling dull and lethargic to discover the benefits of saffron facilitates. During their pregnancy, then high blood pressure may be something to out..., because of its antioxidant properties, it effectively slows down during pregnancy helps easing. Harvested by hand, saffron too much during pregnancy: saffron contains potassium, crocin crocetin. Lips too among many pregnant women who encounter a number health issues during entire! Sickness often leaves you feeling dull and lethargic benefits for pregnant mother your womb the development of baby! Have to know the right amounts not provide medical advice, diagnosis, can. Pose problems if it is a popular spice often used in cooking for enhancing its taste well. Extreme cases, may cause spontaneous miscarriage grade of saffron to preserve its flavour for of... Taken during pregnancy Relieves stress, then high blood pressure in check safely pregnancy... Diet during pregnancy moves in your belly for pregnant ladies acts as an anti-depressant and boosts the blood to. You become vulnerable to allergies, it influences the mental plane as well in to. Growing uterus can exacerbate these issues the immunity system weaker and mothers are well informed about how to make milk... Recommended that you benefits of saffron during pregnancy your ob-gyn and dietitian before consuming saffron during pregnancy owing!

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